Above, Besides and Within

Whenever I get weary about the way the world is evolving these days, or whenever things appear to be much harder than they used to be, I stop for a moment and think about how loved and protected I am.  I have someone in my corner.  Actually this someone is above me, beside me and within me, as well as, a constant in my life.  Things happen, people will let you down, but I have assurance that I will be fine.  His presence is my assurance.


During the Christmas season I like to take a moment to reflect why we are celebrating.  We have been given such a beautiful gift that is more precious than any jewel or any amount of money in the bank.  Our God loved us so much that he sent his one and only son to us.  His son was born into humanity in the form of a little baby in a town called Bethlehem.  He wasn’t decked out in the fanciest of clothes; rather he was wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger because there was no room at the inn.  However, his birth announcement by angels drew attention.  People came to see him.  There were shepherds watching their flock and three wise men, who came bearing gifts; all dropping what they were doing to go see the baby Jesus.  The Northern Star shone brightly to guide them to the child.  Angels sang songs of praise to honor him. This is what the gift of love is all about.  This is what we are to celebrate.


I know a lot of people get so caught up in the commercialization of it all.  We hum songs and smile at one another.  We wish for peace on earth and we shop to buy gifts for others.  It is great to gather with your loved ones and celebrate, but look deeper than the gifts and see how this all began.  Yes, it does revolve around a gift, but that gift is Jesus.  He came to earth to save us from our sins.  To give us a chance for salvation.  He is the reason for peace on earth, for without him, we are not living peacefully together.  We are momentarily distracted by the season, but shortly thereafter we all go back to the stress and strife of this world.


Take a moment this year and focus on why we celebrate.  Trust me if you do, you will see why we sing and hug one another.  Why there is so much joy to be found.  This baby came into this world, to lead us, to teach us, to give us a chance to live with him and God forever.  He was the one who made the sacrifice and who paid the ultimate price for our sins.  He was the one who took the sting out of death and rose from the dead.  He was the one who fulfilled his father’s prophesy and this all stemmed out of love.


He is with us not just one day out of the year, but always.  He intercedes on our behalf (always besides us) to the father (who is above us) and dwells within us as the Holy Spirit.  We have them always nearby and there to guide us, teach us and watch over us during all of our trials and tribulations.  That is a pretty amazing package (three in one) and it is given to each of us if we hear his word and believe.  I am never alone.  I may be nervous from time to time and I may start to falter, but I have a constant light in my life.  His love is unfailing and never-ending.  I could never get a gift from anyone that could ever match this gift.


I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and I hope you make time to go to a church service and give thanks to God for this gift.  He offers it to all of us because he truly loves all of us.


It is a holy night and there is a reason for this joy in the world.  Please take a candle, light it, say a prayer of thanks, and reach out to one another out of love, compassion and peace.  He instilled all of that within us.  We just need to focus on his purpose and let it out.

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