Wall of Love

This is a site dedicated to words of encouragement we can offer to one another.  Words meant to heal, comfort, inform, and teach valuable insights or lessons.  Enjoy!


Inner Beauty:

Why look behind the curtain if all we are meant to be is window dressing?


Love Will Always Win:

Live out love every day.  It won’t be easy.  It will be hard, but always let love win out despite the circumstance or regardless of who is involved.  It is our hardest challenges that call us to act more like Christ.  Be the example not the excuse to walk away  –  live out love and make an impact on someone.


Wisdom to Attain:

So much wisdom is dispersed in the book of Ecclesiastes. Ponder what can be accomplished when cooler heads prevail and don’t let adversity, indifference and division rule. Learn to keep your vision clear, watch your temperance and then give wise counsel to others. People respond to common courtesies and words of respect and are more apt to listen; thus opening doors of possibilities to seeking ways to preserve peace.


Value of Peace:

We need to extend more olive branches in peace rather than wage war unnecessarily.


Knowing How to Speak:

Don’t mince words, but marinate them slowly before you speak. Allow them to soak in the basin of patience so they absorb instead and do not ferment. Once fermented they are spoken rashly. Without gentleness, the meal is ruined and cannot be repaired. Why would you want to stir the pot once the meal was finished cooking? Put the spoon away and move on.


When you don’t know what to say just lean on the one who knows your heart.  He will always intercede on your behalf.


Immeasurable Blessings:

Focus on the blessings and reasons to smile; do not focus on what could have been or moments of negativity. You are meant for more than that. When you are thankful for what you have, you will learn to be content and only then can the negativity begin to slip away.


Need for Compassion:

Sometimes people are not looking for answers when they come to you. Sometimes they just want someone else to listen and for us to offer more compassion. It is best to take a step back and pause, hold our tongue from quick responses or empty words. We need to welcome them with open arms, and just let them speak. Open your hearts and do not close others out, pour out compassion, hear them. and offer a hug to comfort them. Let them know that you care. You just may be an answer to someone’s prayers. Love is not meant to be used sparingly, but it should be spread generously to one another.


Inner Beauty:

Don’t let your eyes decide what is and is not beautiful. You may be deceived by the outer appearance. Instead use your heart as a barometer. Your heart will focus on the inner beauty that radiates and outshines the outward appearance.


Wait and then speak:

Think now before you speak. Once you say the words you cannot take them back. They are out there and either they impact others positively or do much damage. Again, stop and think. Our words do bring about change – they affect others. They can wound others or heal many, but clearly we have the power as to how we want to use them and for what means. To have a voice is wonderful and empowering, but if we fail to think first and just let the words roll right off of our lips without thought, what good is that voice? Again, please take the time to think first and then speak.


Saying a mouthful of empty words does not facilitate change. To make a change means to start an action that responds to the words uttered. They go hand in hand and will never be effective without the other. Make a change today, set your mind on it, act on it, and stick to it. You may surprise yourself and find that you can actually soar instead of dreaming about soaring and never leaving the ground.


Compromise worth seeking:

One side will win and one side will lose. For the winners it will be joy and for the losing side it will be much sadness. Whoever wins let’s be mindful of the opposing side and be respectful regardless of the outcome. Fences can crack under pressure, but they can be repaired. It is worth it for us to mend fences.


Opportunities and Open Doors:

When you see an open door pause first and do not walk through it without thought. Ask God if this is something He is bringing to you. Next, wait for confirmation from Him or wise counsel, and do not make a move until you receive it. Test it to make sure it does not contradict with Scripture and then when confirmation comes walk through it with the assurance that He is guiding you and equipping you to handle whatever the opportunity presents. A wise man seeks God first, waits to make his move and faithfully obeys.


Life Lesson:  How to be Humble

We all tend to overestimate our worth and rashly rush into things without thinking of the consequences or how it affects our ability to relate with each other. For the times in which we think we are above reproach or better than someone else, please heed the following warning: Do not sit upon a high horse naively thinking you are safe and secure. Instead realize that you can easily fall off of that horse. Examine yourself and see where your weaknesses and failures lie, for it is here you will see that all men are the same by comparison. All of us sin and are sinners. Learn to be grateful for what you have, do not boast, but offer thanksgiving for the blessings sent to us and the mercy shown to us by our Father.


It’s A Family Thing:

All of us, who once due to either socioeconomic status or lineage, are in different classes and not considered equal.  Although we may have been on opposing sides of an issue and we may not have even acknowledged one another, this changed once we came to Christ.  The uneven scales have now became equal.  We were adopted into a new family and we must be in the mindset that family reaches out and takes care of one another. Our family, though diverse, now thrives because the common thread that is woven deeply throughout it is Jesus.  There is power in the name of Jesus and with that power comes purpose.  Our purpose is to follow His example and put others ahead of ourselves.

A family should work together for the same cause.  Sometimes that cause will take us out of our comfort zone, and feel vulnerable, but it is a risk we are required to take and that is okay.  We must do this to take care and meet the needs of others.  It is a privilege to do this and we must use our voice, our vote, our opportunities to step up and do what is right regardless of the consequences.  Our common goal is to do His will and accomplish whatever task He sets before us.  As we grow in faith, and learn to act with love and compassion, we need to show others respect, which is a good starting point.  However, we must go further than that.  We need to use our gifts to meet the needs of those who are struggling.  This is what Jesus asks of us and how He wants us, as a family, to respond.  God bless all my brothers and sisters!  Hear His word and come to Him today and be a part of the family.  We love to grow!


Words of Wisdom:

Sometimes it is necessary to walk through the valley to experience the glory of God.  Walk in faith and see where the path leads you.  Do not overthink or try to predict the outcome.  Let God lead you and then trust that wherever He leads you is per His Will and for the best.  Our obligation is to obey and trust Him whether we understand the outcome or not.