It’s a “Family” thing

All of us, who once due to either socioeconomic status or lineage, were in different classes and not considered equal.  We may have been on opposing sides of an issue and we may not have even acknowledged one another. But when we came to Christ the once uneven scales became equal.  We were adopted into a new family and we must be in the mindset that family reaches out and takes care of one another. Our family, though diverse, now thrives because the common thread that is woven deeply throughout it is Jesus.  There is power in the name of Jesus and with that power comes purpose.  Our purpose is to follow His example and put others ahead of ourselves.

A family should work together for the same cause.  Sometimes that cause will take us out of our comfort zone, cause us to be vulnerable and require us to take a risk, but that is okay.  We need to do this to take care and meet the needs of others.  It is a privilege to do this and we must use our voice, our vote, our opportunities to step up and do what is right regardless of the consequences.  Our common goal is to do His will and accomplish whatever task He sets before us.  As we grow in faith, and learn to act with love and compassion, we need to show others respect, which is a good start.  However, we must go further than that.  We need to use our gifts to meet the needs of those who are struggling.  This is what Jesus asks of us and how He wants us, as a family, to respond.  God bless all my brothers and sisters!  Hear His word and come to Him today and be a part of the family.  We love to grow!