Just a Few Thoughts on Blessings

This is a poem I have written from my new book to be published prayerfully next year.  God Bless everyone and take a moment to think of where you once were, where you are now and where you can be with Him at the helm.




I used to be a glass that was viewed as half-empty

Instead of half-full

That was my take on life

I was limited

And so unsure

So down

One day I took another look

And saw that glass was not half-empty

It actually was overflowing and I never realized it

So much was taken for granted


But never really accepted or noticed

Yes, I was blind

Until I learned to open my eyes

I have been so blessed

And I failed to see all the blessings that I had been given

I let regret




Cloud that view

And the blessings were overlooked

I had so much

Too much

All of which I did not deserve

But was given despite my deserving it or not

I had family who loved me

Friends that supported me

I had a place to call my own

I had means to pay bills

I had places to go

People I could see

Things for me to do

And I let hurt and negativity drain my glass

And make it appear half-empty instead of half-full

I focused on the bad

On the pain

On my own selfishness

And that became my environment

I found it hard to smile

To be optimistic

To hope

To dream of a better day

It had won

I let it win

I gave up

I threw the towel in

But then He reminded me of all that I had

All that I could do

How Blessed I was

Bitterness and disappointment

Were shelved

Anger dissipated

Fears subsided

Pessimism went out the window

I forced myself to look at that glass again

And this time I saw it as it actually was


I became thankful

I no longer took things for granted

I was grateful for what I had

What I was given

I had hope

And the desire to be more

New expectations of myself

To do more

These blessings were given to me

And I wanted to be able to give to others in return

To say thank you Lord for these blessings

Let me honor you

Let me do works to honor you

All I ask is that the next time you look

And see what you perceive as a half-empty glass

To sit back and really focus on that glass

Look at the whole picture and be thankful for all you do have

And focus on what you have

Not on what you do not have

Or how you have been let down

Trust me-your glass will get bigger and become fuller

When you see how blessed you really are

When you are blessed you are never empty

Never half-empty

You will always be full

And thankful for that

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