My Christmas Story 2016

Here I am sitting in my apartment on this chilly morning and letting the silence sink in, yet at the same time letting the Christmas music softly play in the background.  I am truly content and very, very thankful of where I am at this point in my life.


Some may be scratching their heads at this and I understand.  However, take a look at my perspective for a moment and maybe you may change your mind, if not for just a short time.


Everywhere I look I hear from friends and love ones about the trials that they are currently going through.  My heart breaks for all of them.  I truly do not want people to suffer or struggle, but life in this world does not seem to agree with my “wants” and wishes.  However, I chose to ignore what the world is destined to do or not do, but rather to focus on others and try to make a bad situation better.  We all have seasons of pain and joy; seasons of hope and despair; yet, with the help of God and those close to you, we get through it.  That is hope and a feeling of comfort during the challenge of the season.


Some of my wonderful friends are either themselves or others clinging to life, some are experiencing grief over the loss of someone they love, some are radiant with a new life growing within and the prospect of what can be, some have lost everything to a disaster, some are running the risk of doing harm to themselves, or facing such hardship and not knowing where they will live or rest their head, let alone find food to survive.  I just ask for one thing.  Please take a step back and open your heart to make room for them.  This world can be harsh – we all know or have personally experienced this, but we have a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.  Listen to them if they need to talk, hug them if they hurt, lift them up if they are down or depressed, encourage with words and actions, and though you may think you couldn’t help, you will find these small steps leave a footprint and carry someone else down their road long after the season has passed.


I am sending out love to everyone and wanting so desperately for everyone to know they are loved and that they are important.  Never forget your worth and how you have affected me and so many others.  I am wishing a very Merry Christmas to everyone and praying for joy in your hearts as well.  You have been and still are a great gift to me.  I thank you for that and I know after all of the bumps in life are ironed out; you too will be content and experience just what I am feeling now.  I used to think it would never happen for me, but He has blessed me so greatly and I pray He blesses you the same way.


Take a moment if you can, after you reflect on others and what a treasure they are, and sit back, relax and enjoy the true meaning of the season:  the love shown, the gift given that can never perish, the hope offered that will get you through whatever life tosses your way.


May next year be your year and may it be prosperous to each and every one!


Sending Love to all of you!

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