Not Goodbye, but Until I see You Again: A Time to Grieve

How do you view your life?  Is it full or are you left wanting more?  Have you chosen your path wisely or do you just “fly by the seat of your pants” and let the chips fall where they may?  When it all comes to the end, are you satisfied or filled with regret?


I ask this because every one of us will come to this final crossroad and how we lived or failed to live will factor in as to what we not only have left behind for others, but it could be the determining factor as to where you will be in the afterlife.  Your mindset can determine how you grieve and how you get through this painful time.


Now I know a lot of people do not believe in life after death, but I do.  I believe everything that is written in the bible.  I believe we are all given many opportunities to find God and to live a worthwhile life achieved by serving Him. We all have free will and we all have a very nasty habit of pride that dwells within.  It is a battle that we have to fight daily and sometimes we stumble and let our pride lead us.  And it does lead us right to its final destination – Hell.  You are headed there if you refuse to change and repent for your transgressions.


It is important to think about this because one day we will have to surrender to death and to account for all of our actions.  You can choose to ignore this or you can choose to be prepared.  I chose the latter.  It is a comfort to me during all of my struggles to know to whom I belong and where I will be going after I die.  It eases me knowing this and it sustains me when loved ones pass on much too soon.


I urge my readers to think and mull this over.  None of us are guaranteed the next breath let alone the next day.  Time is short and decisions have to be made.  Once you die you cannot change your mind and say that now you choose to believe.  Unfortunately, it does not work that way.


For many years I have struggled with this because I have lost a loved one whom I have no idea if that person believed in God or not.  I do not know if that person accepted Jesus as their personal savior.  That is an unbearable pain.  The “not knowing” if I will see him again or not becomes such an added weight to the already heavy burden of losing someone you love!


Today someone is losing someone special in their life.  They are watching someone struggle to hold on, to walk in pain, and to risk losing it all.  It is a time of many mixed emotions:  tears of sadness, words of anger, words of love spoken, remembrances of yesteryear and happier times not filled with pain and suffering, and then finally having to let go of that someone.


My heart hurts for anyone in that position.  To love someone so greatly, but to hate to see what has replaced a once lovely face with a raw ravaged look of disease.  To instinctively want to comfort them and yet not having the words to say to ease their pain.  Having to put all of your trust into something greater than the human mind can understand and wanting nothing but peace for this person.  He is my anchor!  He is my calm during this storm!  He alone will get me through this and His name is the highest of names – Jesus.


My arms can wrap around the family and friends mourning the loss of a loved one.  My words uttered during this time can help to possibly soothe them and encourage them, but He alone is the one to cling to.  In the bible it says the joy of the Lord is our strength and that is true.  When we lean on Him we can see past the storm and see what the future entails.


That child of His is no longer suffering and feeling overwhelmed by the storm.  That child is called home and is reunited with our wonderful Counselor, our amazing Lord and comforted in His arms.  That loved one now has no more pain, no sorrow, and knows immense joy.  They are no longer suffering, but are celebrating eternal life with our Lord.  We cannot totally understand that because we cannot wrap our heads fully around this.  That does not negate the truth.  That person is home and is celebrating life with God.


Meanwhile down here the pain is still new and raw.  The loved one still registers on our minds.  A smile perhaps, a laugh we shared, a part of our hearts that is torn apart from us for a little while.  Do not push this pain aside, but please let it in and process it for whatever time it takes.  Let the grieving guide you and eventually heal you at its natural pace and not at the assumption of what others feel is the proper amount of time to mourn.  Take the time to question and ask Him for answers.  Let Him reveal what needs to be revealed and accept what may never be answered.  He knows what is best for you and He will guide you through all of this.


Let your mind wander as well.  Maybe this is a door opening for you.  Maybe it will lead you to Him and begin the search.  Maybe it will strengthen you for when your time draws near.  I do not have answers, but I do have hope.  I know that I can lean on Him during this time and that He will carry me when it becomes too tough to go on.  He has carried me through the loss of both parents and a brother.  He has taught me how to depend on Him and grow with Him.


I ask anyone to sit back, reflect on the moment and take it in.  Let all of your emotions out and then let them go.  Seek wisdom and accept it when it appears.  Put your faith in something greater than you and greater than this world.  Do not put your hope in man because even as much as they want to help you find clarity and peace, they are limited and cannot fulfill that desire.  Only He can.  And He does.


My heart goes out to anyone in pain at the loss of a loved one.  My prayers for comfort continue on and I pray for the peace of mind only He can provide.  To those looking for healing: Godspeed and to all those mourning: May God Bless you and comfort you. You are so very loved!  Let His love envelop you today.

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  1. Jay said

    Wonderful post. I know where my hope resides – in Jesus. My prayers also go out to all those who have recently loss a love one.

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