What We Can Accomplish

Are you a mover and a shaker or do you just dream to be one someday?  Do you just sit there and let life pass you by or do you do something about it?  Are you lazy or just plain fearful of what life brings you?


Sad to say, I have never been very motivated myself, but I aspire to be.  I just fail to act on that aspiration; thus I fail to put action behind the words for anything I request.  I guess I am a little lazy as well.  Putting effort into something wasn’t always my strong suit.


Why do I do that?  Why do I aim to fail instead of aim to succeed?  Why do I just sit there instead of moving and accomplishing something?  I do not have the answer for these questions, though I have spent many hours pondering both of these issues.


Change is never easy and it is very difficult for me to attain.  I set my mind on something and then I just stop while it is still in the formative/planning stage.  Do not get me wrong I do want to succeed, but the effort to do so is where I fall way too short.  How I came to be this way or why, is simply not known.  I am and I have to admit it.  It is here once I admit it, that I can try to correct myself and change these traits.


I am writing this today as I watch my niece accomplish so much more than I have ever been able to accomplish.  Strike that, so much more than I have been willing to take the chance to accomplish.  That is a very sad realization.  I am not happy to come to this conclusion.  In fact, I am even more disappointed with myself and my pile of issues I have accumulated and left unaccomplished.  It has been growing larger over the span of my life thus far.


Now before I start a pity party, I have to confess I have no one to blame but myself.  I am the one who made this choice not to take a chance.  I am the one who feared failing and gave up before I could actually find out the real result.  I am also the one who was not willing to get up and get going as far as life was concerned.  What irks me about this is that as I was going through all of this, I refused to do something about it.  Life is meant to be lived to its fullest potential and not to be examined at the end of the road only to discover the basket is full of too many regrets.  I learned this lesson a little too late in life.  Yet I cling to the knowledge that I finally learned this lesson and since my life is not yet over, I have time to finally make a bold move and change the outcome.  There is a message I want to spread to others who may be reading this blog today.


I implore anyone today to not jump to the wrong conclusion and take the route that I have taken.  Cast the doubt out of your head and feed your mind with the proper verbal, emotional and spiritual nutrients.  Encourage yourself to take chances and try to act on your deepest desires and dreams.  Do not run from them or fear them.  Do not take the presumed “easy way” out and avoid them.  Do not sit there and let yourself remain stagnant while others get up and get on with their life.  Satan wants you to give in and not attempt to make a change.  He wants you to fail.  I am saying to silence his voice and make the necessary changes in your life.  I am not saying that you will always be right in your decisions or that you will always find success at every turn.  You won’t, but if you heed this advice you will not have so much regret to deal with at the end of your life.  You may and most likely will, be happy when your ending is starting to appear in life’s whole picture.


My message is this:  In life we need to continue on.  We need to keep moving and in order to move, we need to make choices.  We need to take action.  It is from these choices and our actions that we learn life’s lessons and that propels us further down the road.  Lessons are a learning tool we utilize throughout life.  It teaches us understanding and if applied correctly, we can grow from these lessons.  We cannot grow if we refuse to move.  We are still alive, but barely.  What can be gained by just sitting there and existing?  Happiness and fulfillment cannot be attained this way.


Take a moment, assess yourself and see who you are at this very moment of your life.  Are you willing to make a move in order to get to where you want to be?  Or are you afraid to move?  Are you afraid of investing a part of yourself or afraid of discovering who you are meant to be?  Are you more concerned with watching others move on and grow and letting yourself remain just as you are?  How do you really feel and are you willing to change if you discover how dissatisfied you really are?


Make an investment that will reap so much.  The bible states after all that we reap what we sow.  If we refuse to budge or refuse to get up and toil for what we have, or risk taking a chance and possibly gaining from that choice, then we reap the poverty, the loneliness, and the dissatisfaction that comes to us as a result.  Just remember that God put us here for a reason.  He has plans for all of us.  His plans did not include our sitting alone in our room and our refusal to budge.  He never meant for us to be alone and not socialize with others.  Rather, he meant for us to interact with one another, speak to one another, and listen to one another.  How can we help serve our purpose if we act like a sluggard or refuse to do what we have been called to do?  Get past that train of thought and apply a new attitude.  Don’t let anyone or anything stand between your purpose and God.  Let all fears fall to the wayside and get on with your life.  Make a choice and take a chance.  Remember we live for Him.  We are to follow and do what He asks of us.  We are to serve others for Him and give Him all of the glory by doing so.  We are to live a life of love and learn to put Him first and then everyone else’s needs ahead of our own selfish desires and needs.  When you do all of this, then you will not have the time to, and prayfully not have the need, to be alone and fearful of living.  You will have joy and the desire to live a life with purpose.  Your faith in Him will carry you through.  You will be a mover and a shaker for Him and that is quite the accomplishment.  The next move is up to you…

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