Being Inspired

Have you met someone that has brought much joy to your life or that you had opportunity to bless? Good topic to ponder today is how we treat one another. Have you crossed the line from helping someone or do you (in anger or frustration) react first?

I played the back and forth approach for quite sometime now. It is old. and now so am I. We need to charge things up.

It is time to grow and to sit. Listen, and learn. God came. As a baby to teach all of us, but we never learned how to bend or comply. We live a life full of pride and we hardly seek out wisdom. Is it no wonder can’t discern the times we are in, let alone find the way out of whatever mess get into?

We are taught to look out for our brothers and sisters. This goes beyond family grounds, but rather includes all mankind. We fail to open our eyes and notice them. We fail to be merciful and compassionate. It is not only how we receive but also how we process messages. Please allow me to expound further.

I always had to be in control. Until my whole life flipped around. I needed help, but I was still too proud to ask. Little by little I lost it al. Now I need to be helped. When Jesus asked us to look out for one another, we need these special gifts to meet the needs of others. If you hang on I am showing you how we are all connected.

One of the last things to go was the decline of my health. For over 35 years I have been in and out of hospitals. I fell but could not keep up others. I needed to enter a facility to rebuild my strength. It is here I was forced to open my eyes to see I am in the process of dying. It was here I needed the most compassion.

Yes. Some have not chosen this field. Bur rather many have been called. How can I cast a stone when I have been lacking in these traits?

I can mention all by name, not that they aren’t worthy. This is a tribute to all who are dedicated to service towards one another. Make the time to reach out and help. My heart overfills with love to all who took me in and gave me comfort. I will never forget you.

God is good indeed and has blessed me greatly. Seek Him with your whole heart and you will find love and peace. God bless!


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