During the Dash

Everyone has an allotted time on Earth. However no one knows how long that time is. What is important to remember is that while we have a limited time, we must make the most of that time. This time span is referred to the dash. 

For some the dashe is a year. For some they happen to die at an early age. Others may be blessed and live for many decades. It is a mystery. No one knows when their time is up. 

Instead of watching a clock to check on your time, I believe time management is a necessity. Allow me to expound a little bit further. During this short time on Earth all of us have opportunities that arise. It is what we do with these opportunities that matter not how much time we spend on them or how much time we waste by avoiding them. 

Food for thought. First, we all have intentions or an agenda during this short time. We determine our intention whether they be bad or good. Notice the emphasis is on we. No one can make that decision for you. Choosing to do whatever the option may be it’s all in your hands but it involves action .

For example, someone decides to stab me in the back. I can go to this person to get an explanation, but the ball is in my court as to whether to take action or not. It is my choice to forgive or not. I can’t dream about doing so nor can I ignore the problem. I must take an action. 

Opportunities come and go and we are the ones who choose to either welcome the opportunity or ignore it. God has blessed us with so many opportunities in life and yet we fail to see how we are to react we fail to be responsible for doing our part of his request. In the Bible it is noted several times that heaven is filled with good intentions that people never took advantage of. That’s the road to hell is wide for many dream of doing things but failed to act. 

My agenda today is to tell people about Jesus. To give a little bit of my testimony and show you the contrast and the comparison before I met Christ and after I came to Christ. Note God loved us so much he stepped off of his throne to be born into humanity to save sinners. By going to the cross Jesus paid the price for everyone their past, their present, and future sin. All sinners must pay the price and that would be death. Yet through the gift of Grace, Jesus led us to him and by repentance of our sins, and through the transformation of our minds, once we accept this gift of Grace we are now heirs adopted into the kingdom of God. None of us earned this right nor do any of us deserve this gift. It is free and offered to everybody no matter what sins they have committed. I don’t know about you but to me that is a very powerful statement. Many of you might be thinking right now ”oh if you only do what I have done” he couldn’t possibly forgive me. You my friend, would be wrong in assuming that. Our savior is so mighty he will meet you where you’re at, but he will not leave you there. Take Paul for example on the road to Damascus. Paul thought he was doing the right thing by killing Christians. He thought he was upholding the law .He was in the council of the Sanhedrin, yet he couldn’t be further from the truth. Jesus confronted him with a blinding light and asked Paul why do you persecute me? 

Paul didn’t know how to answer. He was standing in front of the Lord and had no clue. Jesus transformed him though and he began his new journey as an apostle. 

We all come to that crossroads and we all must decide will we follow Jesus or will we reject him. By the way the rejection of the Holy Ghost which is part of the trinity is the only reason you will not be forgiven; all other sins are washed by the blood of the Lamb.

I had a tumultuous life. I set about to encourage but sometimes my flesh got in the way and I could be a little bit abrasive. I was constantly stressed out and it showed in my responses to other people. I spoke my mind and I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I basically was self-centered, but one night before I came to Christ I had an epiphany. I knew that I was sinking or drowning as I I believe but I didn’t understand why. I had hated who I was and I wanted so desperately to go back to the person I wanted to be. I prayed for an intervention and he answered me. It was a very painful time in my life and it was constantly near misses and I had to get off that roller coaster. I sought Christ and I found him. Now many may believe by stating a short prayer they are saved, but that is not true. Something has to move you or pierce your heart to take that step. We need Jesus and his word speaks to us confirming that it’s through the word we hear him. 

It was on Good Friday that year that I came to Christ. Now let me clarify first I’ve read the Bible and I believe every word in the Bible. I knew Jesus existed I never had a doubt about that. Yet I was not connected to him. When Jesus went to the cross and he died to save us and then he rose from the dead Christianity became valid and solid. That service moved me to tears and I knew it was the Holy Spirit guiding me opening my eyes. When I walked out of the church that day after the service I was weeping. I was ashamed that being a sinner I was part of the group but crucified My Lord. I asked for forgiveness and I believe right then and there I was forgiven, I talked to God and I repented of my sins past and current and I decided to make a change, the word will do that to you it’s more than just a mere thing of words it will literally pierce you and move you. 

Now keep in mind I had to accept the gift of Grace in order to explore by relationship or rather develop my relationship in Christ. It was the best decision I had ever made. I wanted that relationship and I wanted to know Christ more. The next step was getting baptized. This caused a little bit of a stir within my family because I was baptized as a baby but allow me to expound on this a bit. As a baby I could not speak for myself I could not decide what I believe what I didn’t believe. When I came to Christ I decided to get baptized again. This time as an adult I made that decision. I cannot begin to tell you the joy that poured out of me that day. I was walking on air I felt like I could do anything I knew I had the Holy Spirit now within me, I got involved right away with study groups finding ways to help others. in other words using any opportunity to serve my Lord. 

As I mentioned it was the greatest decision I made. I can never regret the fact that anytime at any hour I can call upon my lord for help I can talk to him he’s always there. Do you understand how amazing that is? We are actually going to The Mercy seat as in the Old Testament we would not have had that opportunity. Jesus himself has told us to lay our burdens on him our problems bring it all to him. His yolk is light. I cannot describe how it felt to have the weight of my problems my stress my tears lifted off of me because I can run to Jesus. 

I noticed that to some it seems impossible to believe. It seems too good to be true but I promise you I have been showered with so many blessings after I came to Christ. It brings tears down my eyes when I realized God was always there for me I just had to seek him. I look back at the hardships I’ve gone through and he was there even before I came to be a Christ follower. Amazing! 

When you follow Christ everyday you must decide if you’re going to pick up that cross. Trials and tribulations will come and they will be rough. They will bring tears and pain. However if you lean upon Jesus his strength will pull you through. I can’t speak for anyone else but I look at it this way. I began as dust and then I was knit in my mother’s womb. I was born into the world as a sinner and I needed a savior. I was blind but I opened my eyes and saw Christ. He has taught me so much about compassion, promises, and about true obedience. He paid the price for me and he never sinned. How can one not feel for that nor be moved? All I know from this is I wanted to serve him be faithful and continue on this journey until he calls me home. I serve him by worshiping him but also by listening to his voice when he gently nudges me and he prompts me to do things for his glory. I try not to miss out on any opportunity to speak about Christ or to serve him. Are supposed good works before Christ have no value but once we come to Christ we gladly serve him to do good works.

Folks it’s a short span. Life like grass withers and like the wind it blows away, but what we do during this dash matters. It will hold up in heaven after the refinement. Please make use of the dash and do the gift of serving . Jesus himself said it is better to be a servant than to be exalted. Take the time today to think this over and see for yourself firsthand. 

Enjoy the day and the treasures that come out of it. You will not be disappointed. May the love of God shine upon you forever and may you feel joy knowing he is present. God bless.

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